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Christian Evangelism Explained

Two broad perspective are seen when speaking about Christian evangelism. The first is a form of life according to an evangelistic style. The second meaning is a Christian interdenominational body of Christians all over the world.There is a connection between the two as the denomination has reverence to the evangelic principles. However, not all people who live an evangelistic are members of the evangelic denomination. The life of evangelism refers to living in subscribing to the belief that Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice for human atonement.

The evangelical life is characterized by four pillars; conversionism, Biblicism, crucisism, and activism. There are the guides for the life of a Christian evangelist. In conversions, one accepts to move from the old life and life a new one.The action is described as salvation is and is a start of life devoid of sins and full of righteousness. The born again Christian grief’s for the sin committed in history but an overcoming joy fills his heart since he is already free from the bondage of sins.In account of the belief, once saved, always saved.

Reverence to the bible is the second doctrine known as Biblicism. In the Bible Christians find GODs teaching, gospel and the promises he made to his followers. Christins who do not sway from these teachings are sure of getting eternal security.
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The third pillar of crucism refers to the sacrifice which Christ made for humanity. Christ was crucified to act as atonement so that the inequities of humankind be forgiven. The broken relationship between man and GOD was thus restored. Christians now have a direct relationship with GOD if they accept that Christ died for their sins. The Easter holidays are when Christians all over the world celebrate the historic death of the Savior.
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Many people know evangelism through its fourth pillar of evangelism of activism. Other denominations refer to the Christian activism as evangelism in their descriptions. The active participants in the spread of Christianity are referred as evangelists. Christians have to spread the word of GOD to people of all nations actively. They must preach salvation to each and every person so that every soul can be saved.

The evangelical denomination has accepted dynamism so as to integrate with different cultures worldwide and spread the word to them. Even though some evangelical churches are managed centrally; there are others who operate entirely on their own. You can just connect to a local church if you subscribe to their doctrines. In its own count, it commands around 13.1% of christens in the world which translates to 4% of the world’s population. The vocal and intense campaigns the church does on fields, social places, residences, media and church has seen the exponential growth of the movement. The church has embraced love as the driver to its reaches.