Only The Romantic Flowers as It Is the Valentine’s Week

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Valentine’s Day come with the heightened wave of love every year but when gifting for Valentine’s Day is the question, a flower bouquet does all the magic. Since a long time, this has been the gift which every lover have showered on their partners. Every flower is beautiful but as the time is Valentine’s Day, you need to know the names of the most romantic ones. Love and romance floats in this air of Valentine’s and we have shortlisted some of the most romantic flowers for you.



One of the strikingly beautiful flower of Mother Nature is this lilac which was first cultivated in Europe. This one is quite an expensive flower, so, you must think of your pocket first. Mostly seen in lilac color but you can also get a white variant of it. Those first emotions of love are symbolized by this flower. May be you are in college or in high school and just fell in your first love – enjoy this feeling with this flower delivery in Bhopal which would surprise the other one.

Only The Romantic Flowers as It Is the Valentine’s Week


No discussion on love, romance, and Valentine’s Day can be complete without bringing in the context of rose. Many types and colors of roses are available in market in and around Valentine’s Day. Red, yellow, white, orange, pink, etc. Every color of rose has some hidden meaning in it. But the basic thing is a rose means love. So, you can go ahead with any color of rose for expressing love.



As per flower symbolism study, an orchid refers to love, beauty, refinement, and seduction. This is one of the very interesting and pretty flower which is said to be the largest family in the plant kingdom for having more than 25000 species. Dendrobian or Cymbidiums are also a type of orchid. This flower also represents luxury and opulence. To greet someone of that standard, you must take this flower as a gift.



From Victorian age, a tulip is used to express love. You all know about Amsterdam and its famous tulips gardens! In a certain age, this flower was as expensive as gold. And till date it is considered an expensive flower. As it is the Valentine’s Day, you must get something rich and luxurious for your lover. One very interesting fact about tulips is that they continue to grow in water even when cut and curve towards light.



The unusual color of this flower makes it a special one. There is a very interesting tale behind this flower. Iris is actually the name of a Greek Goddess who personified rainbow on sky. A rainbow is imagined to be a link between heaven and earth. It is so believed that purple colored iris flowers grew over the graves of those women who worshipped Iris to guide them in their voyage to heaven. So, traits of  faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration are signified by this flower.

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