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What Can You Expect in Estimating Tree and Stump Removal Cost?

Keep in mind that stump removal cost depends on the type of service you want to hire if you are planning on removing stumps in your land and you want to have a rough estimate of the price you will pay. On the obstacles and difficulties faced during the removing process, is also where it depends on. Into the entire price you pay, the kind of equipment used for the service will also be factored. The number of branches, the width and height of the trees or stumps are other additional concerns which are also included. And anyone have the impression that the charges will be quite expensive when they are seeking for the services of a registered professional.

On the size of the stumps and also the type of soil fund in the area is where stump removal cost will depend on. For a pruning service, the age of the tree, the species, how frequent it will be carried out and the location of the stumps are factors to consider. Generally in the range of $400 to $1000 per tree depending on the size and specie of the tree is what cutting down mature and large trees are estimated to cost. While the larger trees like elms, American Ash, Red Oak, Walnuts, Black Locust and ancient maples are usually around 70 to 100 feet, the smaller trees which are measuring about 25 feet are usually less expensive and range from $100 to $400. Trees like Black Gum and Crabapple are some of the medium sized trees which can be charged around $300 to $800. Old and dried out trees are always less expensive to cut down because not much work is needed to chop them down.
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However, there are extra charges that will be made if you want some additional services, for an example, you will be expected to pay around $300 for trunk hauling service. Fees for smaller stumps are around $70 while you will be paying close to $250 for larger stumps if you want to grind the stumps. Usually, you are likely going to pay from $60 to $140 an hour for branch chipping since there is an hourly charge for this.

There are some ways to reduce the stump removal cost since calling a professional to remove your stumps could be very expensive. Ensure that you ask around for several price quotes from several professionals so you can compare them later on. Doing regular trimming is one of the key ways to reduce the overall price you pay. Do not allow the tree to grow to a size that will require you to call professionals to do it for you because the price you pay for the service depends so much on the size of the tree.