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Guide to Wedding Bands Shopping Once you officially enter the world of engagement, the one thing that comes to mind next is the wedding. But considering the number of things you need to take care of when planning the wedding, the entirety of the process could very well be overwhelming to you. This is why most people would turn to hiring a professional wedding planner to do much of the laborious job. Yes, it is true that the wedding planner can decide on things for the most part, but there are those that need your personal decision. One of those things is choosing wedding bands. Considering this will be your first time to pick wedding bands, you initially will feel like it will be a tough challenge. Good news though is that we already compiled a list of the things you should keep in mind. Tip 1 – Since there are so many options, it is wise to narrow down your choices. Put in mind that because the wedding band is the only jewelry you will be wearing along with your spouse every day, it means you never have room for error in terms of choosing the right type. The thing is it will surely help if you already have a few choices in mind right before you make the actual shopping.
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Tip 2 – It helps to buy your ring and bands together.
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First things first, this tip is not applicable if you happen to have your engagement ring already or if you prefer it to be a surprise. A good option for the both of you if you want to wear your wedding band and ring together is a shadow or contour type of band that is used to interlock with the engagement ring. But in case you are wearing your wedding band without the engagement ring, it makes sense to choose a more convoluted style instead because it still will look great even without the other ring. Tip 3 – Set a particular budget. For the most part, about two to three percent of your wedding budget is set for the rings. The actual amount you’re setting for your wedding bands primarily depend on the material. The most common is gold, but it’s not the only option, too. The other options you have include diamonds and engraving as well as platinum bands that are a lot more expensive. But do remember that the more embellishments you want the more expensive the wedding bands will be. Lastly, never forget to pick a wedding band that perfectly suits your lifestyle as a married couple. It simply does not make any sense to choose something that you’re not comfortable wearing or showing off.