We Went to the Lake Today

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Of course we took the jet skis, although Mike’s dad was not exactly thrilled. He knows us obviously and did not think that was a good thing, but he let us hook up the trailer behind my truck. We took a tent and a cooler, along with a couple of air mattresses. At any rate we met these girls and helped them out. Like us they had jet skis and we found them acting strangely. It turned out that one of them had worn a rhinestone choker necklace out on the lake, which obviously is not that smart of a thing. We watched them dive a few times and then we rode out and asked them if they needed help. I did not think that there was any chance we would find it after they told me, but Mike and I both went down about five times. Obviously it was just a matter of blind luck, quite literally. You could not see anything down there.

I had a diving mask, but it was back at the truck. At any rate the water was shallow. It was about eight to ten feet deep where they dropped it, but the water was not clear enough that you could see anything at all. So we were just feeling around. Of course I had a glove on and that was a good thing, because I was in some broken glass before I was able to miraculously find this choker. I had not idea that I had found it really, because it somehow slid up on my wrists without it being apparent. There must have been something holding it up off of the bottom like a snare, because it was a total surprise to me when I saw it. I fact I very nearly dropped it before I realized I had it.